Director's Desk

“The campus aim to provide sufficient opportunities to each student to discover and understand themselves, and face and overcome challenges presented to them to make student life fulfilling and complete.”

India is a country of 1.5 billion people. Hi Tech is not a luxury but a necessity for the people of our country in order to manage and control different aspects in every walk of life for the rich as well as the poor. India needs massive technical employable manpower as per the statistics of job requirement presently.

Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society at Bokaro, Jharkhand started 8 years ago a Technical institute in 2011 with the mission of achieving excellence in the field of Engineering & Management in the name of Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society’s Technical Campus, Chas, Bokaro to achieve new milestones and set higher benchmark every year resulting in carving out a niche and developing a distinctive identity ourselves.

At Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society we are striving for Excellence with wide variety of program. At GGSESTC, we equip our Professionals with Innovative way of Learning Processes through strategies of translating Institute’s objectives by Monitoring and evaluating capabilities to maximize people’s potential through academic excellence, professional competence, personal, inter-personal and societal skills.

We believe our staff and faculty at the Institution are extended members of the family. We aim to empower and educate the academic faculty, students and non-academic staff of GGSESTC by promoting latest trends in facilities, Technologies and pedagogy with constant review and up gradation for higher education. In order to give a stimulating learning environment, the Institute provides excellent facilities on campus and a very creative approach to learning by engaging new practices. With this belief, we have continually engaged over the years in a relentless endeavor to improve upon the past performance and enhance the position of the Institute in the league of the best technological institutions in the country to provide undergraduate/post graduate education in the field of Mechanical Engineering (90), Civil Engineering (60), Electronics & Communication Engineering (30), Electrical & Electronics Engineering (60), Computer Science Engineering (60) & in MBA (60) with annual student intake of 360.

Corporate recruiters value our Professionals for their intellectual abilities, Leadership qualities, analytical thinking, individuality and their ability to hit the ground running.

“We believe that education is the greatest enabler of social transformation and progress at all levels.”

Dr. A. N. Sinha (Ph.D - IIT Delhi)
Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society’s Technical Campus