Pallavi Prasad

At GGSESTC, Bokaro we work directly with students to develop solutions and set achievable goals. We are committed to:-
  • Listening to students’ academic, emotional, social and behavioral concerns and address them suitably;
  • Providing career guidance and skills-assessment to students for career development;
  • Assisting with conflict mediation and resolution between students, students and teachers, parents and teachers to ensure that students’ goals/interests are not disrupted;
  • Providing students with relevant materials and career counseling to suit their skills/needs;
  • Developing, monitoring and assisting with counseling programs;
  • Helping students to prepare for applications, admissions and tests;
  • Offering referrals to outside resources regarding mental health, substance abuse or vocational activities;
  • Reporting student issues to the appropriate state authorities if neglect or abuse is found/ suspected.