Research Facilities:

In order to provide the research facilities, the GGSESTC’s Research Cell has developed different research-oriented laboratory facilities for each individual department. The scholars can do inter-disciplinary work in any of the laboratories as mentioned below:

  • The laboratories such as Electrical Machines and Drives laboratory, Advanced Mobile Communication laboratory and VLSI design laboratory were built with state-of-the-art facilities in such a way that classes can be held for both the UG and PG courses. The facilities in the laboratories also have extensive scope for carrying out projects and research activities for the future generation.
  • The Electrical Machines are low power machines to suit the condition of the earth. The machines are integrated with Lab. VIEW software to test and analyze the performance parameters.
  • The Electronics laboratory is established with Cadence software which is useful in understanding the chip design.
  • A research laboratory having various sensors and data acquisition systems is established to experiment and interact with real world.
  • State-of-the-art Power Systems Laboratory has been established which enables the Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Research scholars to enrich their knowledge by using SCADA and Mipower software. The prototypes for Generation, Transmission and Distribution of power are available to study the system performance in a practical manner.
  • Provides research guidance to the research Scholars and students by expert professors in different research domain.