Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

" To create professional electrical and electronic engineer, who can serve in the fields of core electrical engineering, information and communication systems and other related fields."

About The Department

The Electrical & Electronics Engineering was established in 2011 under Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society offers B.Tech. Programme. The programme are designed and updated keeping in view the constantly changing industrial needs, skills to be developed, and challenges emerging out of new research. The Department with its strong pool of faculty, well-developed and upgrade laboratories, latest software and hardware facilities, contributes to develop life-long learning skills to its graduate and post-graduate students, while producing worthy researchers by offering doctoral research programme.

The Electrical Engineering programme is very well equipped with laboratory facilities and constantly upgrading available hardware and software to create conducive teaching-learning, and research / testing environment leading to a great opportunity to learn and progress in different technical domains. Most of the faculty members having their Ph.D and M. Tech from IITs, NITs and other reputed State Govt. engineering colleges.They are associated with nearby academia and industries by means of offering consultancy services, testing facilities, delivering expert talks etc. Currently, the institute offers Bachelor of technology (B.Tech) program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with an intake of 60 students per annum.

Objectives of the Department

To solve and analyze problems in Electrical & Electronics Engineering using fundamental knowledge and adopt the lifelong learning ability by acquiring various skill practice ethically in their profession.

Message of HOD

To be recognized as a leader in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with a strong emphasis on social and professional values. We believe in quality Electrical & Electronics Engineer graduates by providing them good education with applied approach, innovative skill, cultivating research skill and professional values through creating learning environment.

Uttam Kumar Das
Assistant Professor (HOD)